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Знак Наявність документів означає, що компанія завантажила свідоцтво про державну реєстрацію для підтвердження свого юридичного статусу компанії або фізичної особи-підприємця.
Колпак Дмитрий Анатольевич
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  • +38097806-79-86 моб
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Facilities provided by FOP KOLPAK D.A.  and CHP “Wood-Trans” 

-         Customs clearance "turnkey"

-         Forwarding cervices in Kherson Ports

-         Getting all permitting documents, required for custom formalities

The Guarantee of the successful foreign economic activity ― the efficient and the quick customs registration and transportation of the imported and exported cargo. The Command of highly-skilled specialists of FOP KOLPAK D.A. and CHP “WOOD-TRANS”  will help to arrange your cargo and get the permissive documents. We will undertake all your concerns ― customs clearance "turnkey"

In the team of FOP KOLPAK D.A. and CHP “WOOD-TRANS” work skillful experts, which render the full range of custom, broker, forwarding and consulting services on the territory of Kherson region.

Also FOP KOLPAK D.A.  in cooperation with  CHP “Wood-Trans”  render the full range of forwarding services in transshipment of Cargos in Kherson Ports. CHP “WOOD-TRANS” fulfills forwarding activity from year 2002.


The customs clearance procedure is necessary for different types of goods and can be carried out either by a cargo owner or by a customs agent.

In practice Customs clearance shall consist of the following steps:

   - acceptance, registration and registration of customs declaration;

   - controlling accuracy by filling in the columns and correct identification of Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature code;

  -  compliance with non-tariff regulation;

   - customs examination of goods for compliance with the declared ones;

   - controlling accuracy by customs value calculation;

   - controlling accuracy by calculation and payment of  custom duties;

   ― finalizing customs declaration.

OUR Company provides professional service in customs clearance, port forwarding, including:

  • Advisory services in cargo registration and customs clearance;
  • Review and analysis of all possible option for cargo customs clearance and choosing the most appropriate one;
  • Execution and auditing of documentation related to customs clearance;
  • Assistance in drawing up and signing foreign economic contracts;
  • Consulting on permission documentation (licenses, certifications, sanitary and epidemiological services certificates, etc…);
  • Competent execution of customs declaration and shipping documentation;
  • Efficient customs clearance of cargos;
  • Approximate calculation of payments, assisting in payment orders issuing and  cash flow control;
  • Classification of good according to Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature.



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Тип услугиСоставление и оформление грузовых таможенных деклараций (ГТД)
Дополнительные характеристики
Arranging of permiting documents500 грн
Custom declarationfrom 1500 grn
Registration of companies on custom800 grn
Sanitary epidemiological conclusionfrom 2000 grn
Ecology controlfrom 100 grn
Fitosanitary controlfrom 300 grn
Сertificate of conformityfrom 800 grn
Declaration of conformityfrom 800 grn
certificate of transportation of dangerous goodsfrom 500 USD
another permitting documentsdefine more exactly
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